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About Passmore Duff - Workplace Violence

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A significant challenge for business and government has been and will continue to be, how to effectively manage the safety and wellbeing of their staff and the continuity of their business in times of crisis in an efficient way.  Equally important is the need to ensure that solutions are customised and tailored to effectively address specific concerns.

We provide organisations with the expertise and support they need to effectively address their exposure to the risks of aggression and violence in the workplace.  We specialise in providing solutions to risks such as robbery, aggressive behaviour, harassment and bullying.

Our training, planning & advisory services develop skills within organisations in critical incident risk management.  We provide our clients with industry best practice and innovative techniques and approaches to help manage these risks.

We provide value to our clients by working with them to help clarify their needs and objectively and independently advise them on the most appropriate mix of treatment solutions to support their business risk objectives.

Our commitment is simply to provide our clients with excellent knowledge based products and services in the field of workplace violence and critical incident risk management.

Since 1996 we have been serving our valued clients and we are very proud of the successes that together, we continue to achieve.

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Managing the Risk of Workplace Violence


We Empower People to Safely Deal with Aggressive & Violent Behaviours in the Workplace


Continuous Learning & Self Improvement, Innovation & Creativity by Design, Open Communication, Customer Satisfaction, Employee Fulfillment, Performance Oriented, Flexible Deployment & Adaptability


Our Unique Points of Difference

1. Service

  • Unbridled history of commitment and passion towards servicing our client’s needs to the highest levels since 1996.
  • A strong capacity to focus in and adapt our approach and methodologies to the vast array of client environments and industries. Tailoring what we do best to their specific needs and concerns

2. Products

  • Very focused and specialised training services operating within our core area of expertise being dealing with aggressive and violent behaviours, de-escalating aggression in the work place and workplace conflict.
  • Capacity to translate complex thinking and behavioural skills into very practical and workable personal applications to help create understanding and capability in the workplace.

3. Quality

  • Our niche expertise is reflected in the nature of our national accreditation as an RTO specialising in skill development areas only.
  • We transparently measure all aspects of our service delivery to ensure that we hit the mark in terms of customer expectations and outcomes.  This feeds into how we continuously improve our product and service delivery. An evidence-based guide to sustainable development which benefits our customers and employees alike.

4. Culture 

  • A strong culture of supporting our clients individual needs and attending to important aspects of what our clients value – confidentiality, after sales support, objective feedback, personalised reports, records and a genuine offer and commitment to help.
  • Knowledge is the foundation of what we do best and we collectively seek out that which is important, workable and helpful to others in the pursuit of professional and personal development and continuous improvement.

5. People

  • The highest calibre of professional trainers / coaches who have a passion and strong motivation for research, innovative program design and development of Passmore Duff Pty Ltd unique IP.
  • Compassion, commitment, honesty, respect, helpfulness and leadership are the qualities we espouse in doing business and these are the virtues by which we are happy to be measured.