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Since 1996 our team of consultants, have been providing specialists advisory services and helping organisations and people to significantly improve the safety and management of risks in circumstances where they may otherwise be at an increased level of personal, business operational and legal risk. 

We have provided to our clients a range of support services with the clear intention of being able to minimize their exposure to workplace violence and critical incidents. 

We have been retained by numerous law firms and organisations to provide expert opinions in civil litigation tort of negligence matters.  Our principal consultants have also been at the forefront of designing best practice business risk models and processes for a significant number of large corporates, government agencies and universities.  
Having dealt with numerous organisational crises, we have observed that many reach that stage without having previously undertaken:-

  • A proper assessment of their critical incident risks; or

  • Implemented effective planning and training to align management initiatives with those risks.

This invariably results in unacceptable losses being suffered, consequential harm being exacerbated as well as scarce resources being wasted.
If a critical incident has not previously been anticipated and planned for it can sorely test, and often exceed, the limits of an organisations capacity to respond effectively and recover.   This is particularly so given that many organisations do not want the overhead of keeping expert advisory teams on staff.

Our advisory services have be established to provide timely assistance and advice to organisations and government so they can better manage their critical incident risks by providing the risk management expertise they need efficiently.  We can provide guidance right along the continuum of risk management from:-

  • PREVENTION – Preventative measures are concerned with effective strategies that look to reduce the likelihood / probability of an incident actually manifesting.

  • PREPARENESS – Preparatory measures look to increase capability and build resilience for incidents if and when they actually manifest. Promotes employee, customer and public safety.

  • RESPONSE – Response measures (SOP’s) are designed to minimise potential harm / consequences that can flow from an incident.  Reduce impact.

  • RECOVERY – Recovery measures are concerned with restoring people’s sense of safety and wellbeing and the organizations status quo to resumption of normal operations / services.

Our well defined risk management processes provide an accurate picture of client activities and associated critical incident risks. They examine existing management arrangements and advise on how organsiations can optimise their existing investment in risk management initiatives as well as making recommendations regarding new measures which may be required.