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Our online training solutions are industry recognised and aligned to national competencies. They are widely acclaimed and have been the recipient of national industry training awards for excellence since 2001.

  1. Robbery Safety e–learning
  2. Customer Aggression e-learning
  3. Dealing with Patient Aggression e-learning
  4. Workplace Wellness – Managing Stress

Our e-learning programs can provide you with:

  • A cost effective and highly efficient means of delivering specialised safety training to a widely distributed workforce large or small – reducing costs, risks and increasing efficiencies.
  • Online training can take place wherever and whenever employees have access to a computer either in the workplace or at home – overcoming the tyranny of distance and accessibility concerns.
  • Quick and timely roll out of critical safety training, just in time and just enough – to ensure continuity of learning and higher retention levels.
  • Learning takes place at the participants own pace and in their chosen place - ensuring learning opportunity and increased learner engagement.
  • New employees can be quickly and efficiently trained on induction without timely delays - reducing any at risk periods for the employee and organisation.
  • Learning is interactive, memorable and enjoyable – meeting the needs of participants and motivating learning to take place.
  • Provides employers with a valuable record of training and assessment outcomes - demonstrating due diligence and meeting compliance requirements.
  • Our approach to e-learning instructional design is simple; be risk aligned so we can address business needs and learner-centric to ensure the right message and intent is understood by the end users.


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