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CARM Training delivers robust solutions to workplace violence risks. Our methodology incorporates a risk based approach, designed for the effective management and treatment of aggression and violence in the workplace and society at large. CARM Training firstly invests in the development of skills to enable staff to assess and evaluate workplace violence risks and respond safely and effectively. Through application of our unique 'CARM Approach™', people learn to master the skills of de-escalation and influence incorporating evidenced based and psychologically sound principles. For higher risk situations, skills focus on developing response actions that improve personal and organisational safety up to and including actions to protect life.

Our programs are developed utilising sound instructional design practice and adult learning principles to ensure that competence and capability are developed and enhanced in the associated skill sets. They have won national industry awards for training excellence on two separate occasions and continue to gain local, national & international recognition and accolades.

We specialise in both the design & delivery of training that provides workable solutions for responding to acts or threats of violence. This includes developing a range of skills for responding to critical incidents such as robbery and other acts of violence, or workplace incidents involving: aggressive, threatening, difficult, challenging and unruly behaviour, from either members of the public, customers or even other staff. In addition we have developed programs and responses for dealing with extreme acts of violence including terrorism, through application of our Counter Threat Response Model™ (CTRM). We have provided these skills to numerous industries including: transport; air, rail, bus and ferry as well as a vast array of local, state and federal government agencies.

Our experienced team are recognised as industry leaders in the provision of this type of training. Our capability and experience is supported by academic qualifications, more notably adult education and psychological science as well as many years of operational experience in tactical law enforcement, critical incident risk management and military special forces.

Our programs can be delivered in a variety of mediums including:

  • Competency aligned training (formal or informal feedback reporting)
  • Professional development / skill building
  • Short Intensive Training Sessions (S.I.T.S)
  • Interactive workshops
  • Blended learning solutions
  • Train the trainer and
  • Online e-learning

Training Principals:

By design we aim to provide compelling, proven and practical risk based frameworks. Our 'CARM Approach™' and 'CTRM Model™' are built upon sound and justifiable principles with practical elements that can be easily recalled in highly stressful environments, enabling people to respond in the best and most effective way possible.

Our programs are designed to teach easy to understand and practical risk based approaches to deal with threats including our Counter Threat Response Model (CTRM™). Developing good situational awareness skills combined with best practice interpersonal skills enables staff to assess and appraise situations from early onset, and then engage in a manner that optimises safety, interpersonal effectiveness and best-in-case outcomes. Our methodology recognises that people in the face of adversity and stress will experience strong negative emotions which can inevitably impact their clarity of thinking, their ability to exercise good judgment and their capacity to respond optimally and in a manner that is most desirable.

The research indicates that the more stress we experience as a result of displayed aggression or violence the more likely we are to revert to habituated states and react instinctively to the stressor. Learning how we respond in these situations though the activation of emotional competencies and through exercising critical thinking and learned behavioural skill sets is key to achieving a successful and safe outcome for all concerned.

We seek to empower people to act and communicate effectively and to feel confident in themselves and their ability to do so, as well as to be motivated and reassured in the validity of their intentions and actions. We focus on developing behavioural and communication skills, to successfully and safely influence the outcomes of difficult and stressful encounters, up to and including incidents involving high risks associated with violence.

Combined with a range of engaging and interactive learning strategies, our programs are supported by a number of comprehensive learning support materials. We contextualise and customise each program to meet our clients specific risk profiles and desired learning outcomes and needs.

Training Programs

We offer the following specialised training programs:-

  • CARM Engagement - De- escalating Aggressive and Violent Behaviours
  • Managing Challenging, Difficult or Unruly Behaviours
  • Robbery Safety – CTRM™ and Compliance Approaches
  • De- escalating Patient Aggression – For Health Care Workers
  • Managing Telephone Aggression
  • Tactical Communication Skills – For Compliance, Regulatory and Enforcement Officers
  • Managing Aggression and Violence - For Bus Drivers
  • CTRM™ – Tactics for Surviving Violent Crimes and Acts of Terrorism

Quality Leads to Success


Client feedback consistently indicates that our facilitated and online e-learning programs are highly engaging and clearly focused on the real needs and desired outcomes of customers. This is attributable to our genuine customer focus and unfailing commitment to best practice in training design, development and delivery.

From the extensive research phase which underpins the development of each of our programs to the innovative delivery and assessment methodology utilised to achieve learning outcomes. Quality and continuous improvement characterises every aspect of our training practice and business.