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Passmore Duff has been continually developing since 1996. We have been leading the way in providing unique, robust and effective risk management advice and training solutions to our clients. We have provided expertise and support to numerous large corporations across a range of industries, corporate and government both domestically and internationally.

A significant challenge for business and government has been and will continue to be, how to effectively manage the safety and wellbeing of their staff and the continuity of their business in times of crisis in an efficient way. Equally important is the need to ensure that solutions are customised and tailored to effectively address specific risk concerns in a business orientated way.

We provide organisations with the expertise and support they need to effectively address their exposure to operational and legal risks associated with the protection of staff and business assets.



"Balancing Safety, Security & Critical Incident Risks with Expertise & Service"


Through our RiskPlan® methodology, we aim to be the service provider of choice as we seek to deliver the highest quality risk management advice and training solutions to support, improve and protect our clients most valuable assets.


We offer expertise and experience, underpinned with integrity, knowledge, commitment, respect and confidentiality in every interaction and project we deliver on for our clients and these are the values by which we are happy to be measured.

Passmore Duff's Unique Points of Difference


  1. Unbridled history of commitment and passion towards servicing our client’s risk management and training needs to the highest standard since 1996.
  2. A strong capacity to focus and adapt our approach and methodologies to the vast array of client environments and industries. Tailoring what we do best to their specific needs and vulnerabilities.


  1. A widely experienced, independent service provider, specialising in our core area of expertise and providing knowledge and well proven risk management processes, i.e. RISKPLAN® to support our clients business risk objectives.
  2. We provide value to our clients by working with them to help clarify their needs and objectively and independently advise them on the most appropriate mix of treatment solutions to support their business risk objectives.
  3. Capacity to translate risk management and abstract psychological concepts into digestible learning chunks that are relatable to workplace environments. Utilising recognised risk management methodologies, learned experience and robust techniques to underpin practical applications in managing risk and improving workplace safety.


  1. Our finely tuned expertise is reflected in our product offerings, underpinned by a strong commitment to our clients to support and effect change and help manage their risk.
  2. We transparently measure all aspects of our service delivery to ensure we deliver on our customer expectations. We are timely and highly responsive to customer needs and support, which is reflected in our customer retention rate.
  3. We actively seek to continuously improve our product and service offerings through active feedback, knowledge development and embracing a continuous improvement approach to what we offer clients.

Our People and Culture

  1. We have a service culture focussed on our customer’s needs. What you will receive from us is; timeliness, commitment, respect, confidentiality, support, objective feedback and transparency in all our interactions with a genuine commitment to be helpful.
Passmore Duff

"Safety Doesn't Happen By Accident

Prepare and Prevent,
Don't Repair and Repent"