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Microlearning Strategies

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Our focus on micro learning strategies has seen us continue to leverage technology to support our clients. It only takes '5 to 10 minutes' to quickly close skill and knowledge gaps in the workplace. Microlearning video / audio supported training breaks key information down into highly targeted learning chunks that are easiest to digest, offering superior knowledge application and retention.

Accessible anywhere via pc, tablet and mobile, as often as needed, the end result is faster acquisition of the precise safety knowledge and skills needed to perform on the job in higher risk environments. With accelerated results, learners are motivated and captivated by their real achievements, lifting learner engagement levels to new highs.

See below for a short '10 minute example' of a recent CARM Training microlearning session, developed to assist teaching frontline operational staff in how best to response to difficult and challenging customer behaviours.

This approach was adopted by a major corporate client to once again help reduce operational risks faced by front line staff.

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