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Given the impact of COVID19 the learning opportunity has changed and learning initiatives have had to quickly adapt to this new environment. Virtual learning has taken off and like all learning initiatives there is a plethora of providers delivering online virtual training using (Zoom, Teams, Webex, Connect) to name a few.

However, experience informs us that training still comes down to content development, instructional design, transferability of skills and knowledge, creativity and training flare as much as it does the delivery platform. We focus on making content specific for the virtual environment, which is different from delivering a f2f or e/m-learning program. What we’ve found in this environment is the blended learning approach really comes into its own, combing e/m-learning with virtual online sessions.

See below for a 1-minute compile of a recent CARM Training virtual session, combining our e/m-learning ‘managing aggressive behaviours’ program, with 3 x 1.5hr online virtual sessions. This approach was adopted by a NSW government regulator to help reduce some of their operational risk concerns.

Example Virtual Online Session

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