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We develop skill and capability in people to excel in managing workplace situations that involve escalated and challenging behaviours, including a range of associated risks to personal safety and professional outcomes.

Our training and consulting services are geared to provide assistance in the following areas:


Managing and responding to aggressive behaviours from customers and others external to a workplace.

  • We achieve this by empowering people with skills and expertise in situational awareness, managing stress, engagement and de-escalation, empathic-assertion and tactical disengagement.


Responding safely and effectively to situations involving crimes of violence.

  • We achieve this by developing skills related to our CTRM (Counter Threat Response Model). Enabling sound risk based decisions and ‘best and safest’ responses to violent crimes including robbery and targeted acts of violence intended to cause harm and disruption.

We are proud of the high quality, unique training products we provide. As a leader in our field, we are committed to offering only the best training and advice to improve staff and business performance through:

  • The effective management of workplace incidents involving unruly, aggressive or violent behaviours from customers, members of the public or other external stakeholders

Our programs can be delivered in a variety of mediums, incorporating:

  • Interactive e/m-learning programs (online)
  • Professional development programs (facilitated f2f)
  • Blended learning solutions (e-learning + facilitated)
  • Virtual online training sessions
  • Microlearning video-based learning strategies (typically 10 – 15min) delivered as either SCORM compliant programs or as internal managers tool box sessions

We contextualise and customise our programs to meet your organisations specific needs, risk profile and learning outcome requirements. We go to great lengths to ensure we hit the mark when it comes to providing training and coaching that improves individual outcomes and organisational performance.


Workplace Aggression

  • Managing Aggressive and Violent Behaviours (Higher Risk Roles) (2 Days)
  • Managing Aggressive and Violent Behaviours (Higher Risk Roles) (2 Days)
  • Assertiveness Skills (1 Day)
  • Managing Telephone Aggression (1 Day)

Workplace Violence

  • Robbery Safety – CTRM Program (1 Day)
  • CTRM for Surviving Violent Confrontations (1 Day)

Managers Virtual Online Seminars

  • Workplace Violence – Understanding the Risk (2hrs)
  • Risk – Factors Influencing Our Perception (2hrs)

Program Customisation and Contextualisation

All our programs can be easily contextualised and aligned to your suit your organisations specific need, risk profile and learning objectives.

Our programs can be supplied with contextualised case studies, modified support guides incorporating language and communication guidelines as well as short video based learning scenarios to underpin the learning outcomes.

To receive a brochure or information about our training programs and to find out how we can support your customisation or contextualisation needs please contact us now: 1300367475 or email

Quality Leads to Success

Client feedback consistently indicates that our range of delivery mediums, either f2f, online e-learning, virtual and blended learning solution are highly engaging and clearly focused on the real needs and desired outcomes of customers. This is attributable to our genuine customer focus and unfailing commitment to best practice in training design, development and delivery.

From the extensive research phase which underpins the development of each of our programs to the innovative delivery and assessment methodology utilised to achieve learning outcomes. Quality and continuous improvement characterises every aspect of our training solutions.